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It's an honor to serve you.

We are honored to have become a member of the SNA & SRT Family this past October. We are also incredibly grateful to have been voted “THE MOST VALUE ADDED TO YOUR BUSINESS” at The International Roundtable in Nashville on April 04th, 2023!

As SWE PHX 2023 rapidly approaches, we wanted to give back to our new family at Service Nation and Service Roundtable. To do this, we decided to create a video each of these remaining weeks, leading up to SWE October 03rd to 06th in Phoenix. These videos are designed to contain timely and relevant information for your HVAC or Plumbing business that can be implemented immediately.

If we haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet, we created this video to properly introduce ourselves.


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In this video, we share some ideas to help our team approach one of the most nebulous, one of the most frustrating, and one of the greatest challenges our teams in the field face today. The daunting and dreaded STALL…of “I need to think about it.”

Why is it nebulous? Frustrating? Daunting? And dreaded? Our belief is that those of us with integrity, who want to run a reputable business in our community and hire and mentor the best teammates in our area, don’t want to be seen as a high-pressure, pushy, sleazy salesperson.

We didn’t want to be that person, or that company either. The processes we’ve developed are a result of investing the last 30 years, developing systems and processes that resonate with those of us in the trades. Systems and processes that are working to ensure we grow an honest and reputable business we can be proud of.

september 12th, 2023: THE DREADED STALL: “I NEED TO talk to my spouse.”

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This week we explore a very similar topic and the subtle differences of how we recommend handling this. This Stall is a little less nebulous, but likely just as frustrating. In this video we tackle the “I Need to Talk to My Spouse” Stall.

What makes this Stall so difficult we might ask? Perhaps its that it is completely relatable for many of us. Maybe we feel the same way in our home. Maybe we would never make a major decision without our spouse, partner, or significant other.

Just as with our previous example this process is the equivalent of using a scalpel vs. a bludgeon. We believe its important to remember that the significant other is already aware that we were coming to the home and that we’re there to present options. They’ve likely already discussed a budget and agreed to what they’re both looking for.

september 19th, 2023: COMPLIMENTARY CONTENT SERIES: PART 03 OF 05

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In this week’s installment of our five-part complimentary content series, we shift gears from our Technician Program over to our Call Center Program. Here, we will see how our CSRs can implement our Synergy R.A.R².E Listening Sequence to listen more effectively, help our customers feel heard and understood, and ONLY then express or share our perspective, our experience, or our opinion with them.

The NUMBER ONE hurdle we’ve observed for the majority of professional customer service representatives, lead coordinators, and dispatchers, occurs right at the start of most calls. We receive a panicked call from a customer that needs help, and we immediately begin to bombard them with questions such as: “Where do you live?” or “What is the age of your equipment?” or “What’s the age of your home?”. We are here to share and suggest that there is a different way to approach this scenario.

By applying the Synergy R.A.R².E Listening Sequence, we can not only change the course of this call, we can change the course of our DESTINY. As the late Zig Ziglar famously said, “People don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care.”

Let’s watch how we can share with our valued customers how much we care.


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Although Halloween is still a little over a month away, this week we’ll be pulling back the curtain on one of THE MOST FRIGHTENING SCENARIOS facing us in our life and business today. Are you ready to let out a blood curdling scream?!? We’re talking about THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM!

If we’ve ever felt the need to lower our prices to compete with the cheap guys, or we’ve ever discounted a system “to put a job on the board,” …or “to keep our guys working,” …this week’s topic could save of us from our own self-imposed version of being chased through the woods by Jason Vorhees.


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As we wrap up our Five Part Complimentary Content Series, we turn our focus to our incredibly popular Wordsmithing Program. Becoming a Master Wordsmith is one of the foundations to each of our award winning programs. Our breakout event will include a double-sided handout so that each participant can return to their facility next week and immediately share what they’ve learned with their team!

We believe The Words We Share Matter, and we believe once you become a Master Wordsmith, you’ll be a believe too!

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