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SNA CSR Event - April 23rd - 25th

SNA Sales Event - March 26th - 29th


Sr. Director Learning Strategy & Operations, GE Healthcare
Austin, TX

Trainings facilitated by Doug & Alison are always such a positive experience because they bring their enthusiasm, experience, and passion for people to everything they do. There is not an audience that Doug & Alison can’t connect with because they understand how people are motivated and their positivity is infectious.



I just wanted to say thank you again for the Synergy Virtual Training Program. Every week this online virtual experience and content continues to change my life and career for the better, I can’t stop thanking you.

First, some professional success...Professional Success:
 1. I've just set 3 all-time personal records since starting the Synergy Virtual Training just three weeks ago!
 2. I just recorded my Best MONTH in Sales, and I did it in just three weeks because I was at a conference where I met you the first week! ($104,000)...

Mandy Smith​


I previously attended the call center event for what is widely regarded as the #1 call center training company in the home services industry. Compared to THIS, it was VERY SURFACE LEVEL CSR Training. It has been really eye opening to see and hear how to be an effective communicator and learn all the things I’ve NOT been doing all of these years. I simply can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity! The role playing, the scripts, the raw emotions, the videos produced in your studios, the personal connections...this training was truly life changing! I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned, along with my team! Y’ALL ARE AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING!!!



We’ve engaged some of the biggest names in the industry to train our team over the years and nothing compares to this. Having been in business for 21+ years, I must say that Synergy is a much different energy and more impactful for our participants than anything we’ve done previously. This is even more impactful to me and our participants than Brian Tracy & Stephen R. Covey himself. Our participants are now fully accepting the responsibility to be accountable to themselves, their families, and our organization for their personal and professional growth. The Call Center Event, The Sales Training Event, and The Tech Event at our training facility were unlike anything else.


Service Manager, Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air
Sterling, VA

I have taken countless sales training courses and attended hundreds of hours of seminars with some of the biggest names in the business. I have even had the opportunity to participate in nationwide team-building exercises and have performed a Ted Talk, as well as countless interviews on local news stations as the local plumbing expert. I have never witnessed or been exposed to such comprehensive and powerful content in my life! I am convinced that any company that commits to implementing Doug’s programs will experience the same success that our team is. After just three months of implementing this training with our team, we have just posted our best month of revenue in company history during what is typically one of our slowest months of the year! We wrapped up 2021 hitting the $8,000,000+ mark, with numbers now projecting to more than $12,000,000+ this year. My recommendation? Don’t short-change your company, your team, or your life, by believing this is just more of the same, and by passing up on these truly unique and one-of-a-kind programs!


Professional HVAC Design Consultant
Denver, CO

After completing the Synergy Learning Systems Sales Training, I had my BEST WEEK EVER in total sales! Perhaps more importantly and more profound, I connected with those I served on a level like I’ve never experienced before. It feels so good to “serve like a saint,” taking care of others better than ever before! This stuff is truly life-changing! Best S**t Ever!!!!


Plumbing Technician & Comfort Advisor | Denton, TX

I have to admit, I was not looking forward to the first event when I heard it was going to be three days. Keeping me entertained is crucial. Not only did I learn, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hell, half the time I thought I was at the comedy club and was rolling out of my chair. Other parts were so intense I felt like I was about to cry and about every thirty minutes or so I felt like I was ready to get up and run through a freaking wall I was so motivated!

I would continue to attend these events in the future if I could be so fortunate (AND I HATED SCHOOL!!!!). I’d love to do them every week or two if I could!


“Outstanding! I’ve been in the trades for 30+ years. I believe Doug wants us to succeed! To be better! Doug is amazing and I love him! I’ve been to similar training events before, but they weren’t as complete and don’t measure up. This has been THE BEST. As a business owner, I greatly appreciate you speaking about the team’s responsibilities and obligations. I’ve never seen anyone be able to reach them as you have!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

James S., Business Owner in Katy, TX

“I have not attended an event similar to this! It was a fun experience. No other trainer that I have been to has taught most of what I learned in Doug’s training class.

I feel that anyone that attends one of Doug’s events will not only have the opportunity to grow financially, but also as a person. I was always engaged with the training and I believe Doug truly wants to help.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Diyan G., Sales Tech in Katy, TX

“I was talking with my wife the day before your event about how my stomach hurt every day as I went into my facility. We were talking about what it would take for us to close the doors after 31 years and walk away. It was killing her to see me this way. This event has breathed life into me to carry on!
The way Doug teaches how to address objections without being high-pressure was amazing. The ways that Doug showed how every word we share either raises or lowers trust, and is also raising or lowering risk and sales resistance was very powerful to me.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Jeff, Business Owner in North Texas

“I’ve attended trainings before, but Doug is a better instructor. He changes it up and is full of energy! I really enjoyed getting to know him and his story as well.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Eddie G., Business Owner in San Marcos, TX

“Thank you Doug for improving my life. Your passion, values and faith have inspired me to implement your training in my life. I’ve even committed to stop smoking, improve my marriage, my career, and my overall well-being.

The aspects I enjoyed the most are the passion in which you deliver your content, the relevance to my personal life and my career, and the exposure to a sales process that actually works!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Danny M., Service Manager in San Marcos, TX

“This program not only applies to business mindset but will improve my personal life as well. Doug has taken time to personally Zoom with my team members to address their initial concerns and help with their mindset.

I attended the live sales event and I loved it, …so keep motivating and doing great work! The aspects I enjoyed the most were the passion, the intent, and the dedication to our profession.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Tony C., Business Owner in Ogden, UT

“I’ve attended events similar to this before, like (Trainer’s Name) who was great, but I believe the Synergy Learning Systems training is more in line with the times we are in. (New School vs. Old School).

What I enjoyed the most was Doug’s passion for serving customers, and going through the book with videos, but also discussing what we are learning with interactive discussions the entire class.

I came to Dallas knowing I was about to be a part of a Sales Training Class that I had high expectations for. What I will be bringing home is more than just a standard sales process, thank you!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Adam B., Operations Manager in Massachusetts

“I have never attended an event like this before. The most valuable part of this sales training event was basing a sales process in honesty.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Mike D., Comfort Advisor, Maryland

“Doug’s energy and relational manner of delivering material is something I really enjoyed, as well as injecting other inspirational speakers from throughout history. The training event workbooks are tremendous, and I appreciate keeping the breaks and lunches to a minimum.

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Tom T., Sales Manager in Oklahoma

“I don’t do well just sitting usually, but Doug kept me engaged with his passion! Having all of the info in the workbook is very helpful for following through, and there is just as much personal growth as there is professional. I’ve attended multiple events such as this, like (Trainer’s Name). The other trainer was entertaining but more of a repeat of other sales training I’ve done.

Doug’s R.A.R².E Listening Training is the most important. People want to be listened to and understood and is what people crave in their relationships, both personal and professional. We need a larger training event for Sales, and it needs to be FIVE DAYS. Keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t stop growing this program!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Jeffrey M., Plumbing Tech in Austin, TX

“The aspect I enjoyed the most was how much Doug teaches integrity, and how real he is! All of the role-playing and all of the videos are great! I went to another class here, and the class was alright, but they never talked about integrity, NOT ONCE! This class was 10x better!

The most valuable part of the event would have to be learning to listen, and show you truly care by learning how to respond, not to mention the motivation that I have gained! This is an amazing system, and I recommend it to everyone!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!

Jordan B., Sales Tech in Fort Worth, TX

“This was a FOUR DAY EVENT and I say, ‘MAKE IT LONGER!’ The passion and integrity Doug delivers every minute, every day is one of the aspects I enjoyed the most! Role plays do work, with consistent effort!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Dennis C., Residential Service Manager in Fort Worth, TX

“I have never attended an event similar to this before, but I cannot imagine someone being more passionate or inspirational than Doug! Y’all have this down to a science!

I am very happy and appreciative to have been a part of this training event, and am grateful to have been a part of this great moment. I will recommend this program to others, and I want to attend again!

Overall Score 10/10! Amazing Event!”

Jayce R., Plumber in Charleston, SC

I am a member of best practices groups and have been to countless training in my 20+ years of owning my business in the trades. The level of detail and step-by-step processes and training is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The other programs I’ve invested in don’t hold up to Synergy Training.

I truly enjoyed the training surrounding voice inflection, eye contact at the perfect times, focusing on the emotional aspect of the homeowner’s decision making process, and most importantly, the printed detailed procedures that we will now have as a reference manual until the end of time. You are exceptional!

Sam Porrazzo, Founder & President, Fix It Fast Plumbing & Heating & AC, Los Angeles, CA

The energy of this class was off the charts. I have been to HUNDREDS of trainings in my career. This training is new and updated for the current times and is absolutely full of energy. I’d say one of the most valuable parts of this event was the role play performed by Doug and then our team, plus the goal setting and the changing of all of our mindsets. I believe it is very important that Doug has experience in business, especially in the trades. I would rate this event as a 10 out of 10, amazing!

Josh Schlaepher, GM / Owner, Gering Valley Plumbing & Heating (Former One Hour & Ben Franklin Franchisee), Scottsbluff, NE

I wanted to thank you for your time this week. I appreciated the things you shared and will be applying them immediately. In fact, I have already started! My wife and kids hopefully will notice a difference in my listening skills as well. 🙂

I own a national digital marketing firm that works almost exclusively in the trades. My clients could definitely benefit from your training and would love to connect you with them. As a random aside, thanks for being great people. I can't tell you how nice it was to meet authentic, kind, genuinely well-intentioned leaders. We need more of those in the world. I want to hire you as my personal business coach, let’s talk! Thanks again!

Brad Dery, President, NDS Digital, Oklahoma

I’ve known Doug for well over a decade and I’ve personally witnessed his skills on both the training and contractor side. We initially met when I was the Vice President and General Manager of Auer Steel & Heating Supply Company. We engaged Doug and his business partner to train over 100 of our contractors on 4+ occasions. Doug also delivered numerous powerful keynote addresses for our organization from Minneapolis to Milwaukee.

As the largest distributor of Daikin in North America, we recently brought him in to headline our annual meetings for our National Sales Team in back-to-back years. Doug’s message was both passionate and powerful, prompting our team to say they have never before seen such a well prepared speaker that held their attention the way Doug was able to.

Doug is passionate, kind, humorous, and I consider him a personal friend!

Dan Beno, President, Stevens Equipment Supply (Daikin Distributor in Western United States)

I really enjoyed our National Sales Meetings the past two years with Doug. While I was skeptical on how we could capture the attention of our big group for the entirety, I am pleased to say the events and the message were such a success for all of our divisions, and me personally!Thank you Doug.

After nearly 30 years with our organization, I came into these annual meetings wanting to make a difference in both my personal life, and my business life. I had recently read a book on making meaningful connections and Doug’s presentation tied everything together for me to make that difference in so many ways. Making a difference with meaning, purpose, commitment and value.

I am now committed to make that same impact on the rest of my family, friends and my professional team so that on my 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays they all have memorable things to say about the person I am, and was. I am also re-reading some of my favorite books with a new outlook after experiencing Doug’s message!

Pat Brion, Partner & Director of Sales, Stevens Equipment Supply, Minnesota

Thank you for bringing Doug in, it was well worth the investment! Doug is a person that “Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk.” I’ve had the pleasure to present to his very own sales and service teams at one of his full day sales meetings in Denver. His techs and sales team members truly enjoy the time they get together learning and role playing. I have personally witnessed the environment and culture that I have not seen in any other contractors.

Two things I’m now personally working on:

1. Risk Taking – Make myself uncomfortable and push myself out of my comfort zone.:

2. Big Rocks - Invest more time in Quadrant II. I keep my live event workbook with me daily and use it as a reference manual and refer back to it regularly!

Mark Godfrey, Daikin Product Manager, Stevens Equipment Supply

I enjoyed the energy a lot. I enjoyed that Doug know what they are presenting and that they do not need to, nor do they want to read directly off any of their slides during the three days! I love the fact that I will be even better at serving like a saint, but will also know how to sell like an absolute savage.

The most valuable part of these events was...EVERYTHING. Every single thing I’ve learned will be implemented into my personal and professional life. The sales training and the technician events were both 10 out of 10. If you had tried to tell me (and my leadership did) that I would enjoy sitting in class for six freaking days I would have said you are full of $h*t! Well, I’m eating my words and I am happy to admit I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I have only attended ONE event anything like this before, and the trainer is Doug Wyatt. Keep on keepin’ on!

Cody Nash, Plumbing Professional, Force Home Services, Denton, TX

I previously attended the call center event for what is widely regarded as the #1 call center training company in the home services industry. Compared to THIS, it was VERY SURFACE LEVEL CSR Training. It has been really eye opening to see and hear how to be an effective communicator and learn all the things I’ve NOT been doing all of these years. I simply can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity! The role playing, the scripts, the raw emotions, the videos produced in your studios, the personal connections...this training was truly life changing! I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned, along with my team! Y’ALL ARE AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING!!! -

Mandy Smith, Call Center Director, Force Home Services, Denton, TX

The content and enthusiasm Doug Wyatt brought to our National Annual Sales Meeting was superb! He covered a lot of material in such a short period, and kept us on our toes the whole time! I’ve never attended a sales meeting where a speaker could keep the audience’s attention for that amount of time. Hands down, best that I have witnessed in my career! Thank you Doug! -

Nathan Baca, Territory Manager, Daikin

Your knowledge and energy is infectious. The time matrix and recognition of my R.A.S. were very eye opening. I have a long list of books now and I am excited to learn and grow! Doug & Alison are legit...let's do it again!

Bobby Payne, Plumbing Service Manager in Washington, DC

If I had a suggestion, I would say that 3 days just wasn't enough! If anything, I wanted more time! Among many other things, I have learned how to prioritize my schedule and communicate more effectively with my techs when they are having issues. I would rate my improvement and leadership skillset at 100% improvement after this event!

Carlos Yanes, Installation Manager, Sterling, VA

What I enjoyed most was learning how our responses to things impact our outcomes and how to be a better communicator with our team. I am now going to be more proactive than reactive. This was great! 10 out of 10, an amazing event! -

Maria Galicia , Office & CSR Manager

Hey Doug! Oh boy, you should see the impact on our team after your visits. You definitely inspired us all to achieve next levels with your events. You have a gift. Thank you and I believe it! Our sales team came in today ready to dominate and we can't wait to have you back. This was the best and eye opening training event I have ever had! Thank you for your passion, we were so lucky to have you! -

Nikolai Matveev, Co-Owner

Doug, I just finished my block scheduling for the week and was reflecting back on what an incredible few days you led us through. I have been through many in person “training” classes, read hundreds of books and listened to countless podcasts and YouTube videos. Those three days were by far the most engaging and enjoyable I have ever encountered.

You guys truly have a gift and your passion is f#%*ng contagious! The energy in our facility is now truly amazing! If you ever offer any programs open to the public, I would love to know about it. I look forward to the next time you work with our team! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills

Eric Moore - Sales Manager & Comfort Advisor, Washington DC

I have attended many training events before with some of the biggest names in the trades. This was way better! It was not at all high pressure like the others, and the personal development aspect of the training was tremendously helpful.

Empathic Listening and the brain’s R.A.S. filtering system was one of the most valuable parts of this event. It opened my eyes to ways that I can improve how I have been communicating in my career and personal relationships. I thought I was coming for technician and sales training but I received so much more. There is nothing else out there like this training event!

T. Firch, Master Plumber, Olympia, WA

I have attended training events like this before, but this was much more detailed and amazing! The most valuable part of this for me and my team was not just the new and fresh content, it was also the role playing. This is very well put together and knowing what I know now, I would have invested much more, thank you!

Roy Bush, Owner, All Star Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, West Palm Beach, FL

I enjoyed it all, it takes it all to come together at the end to become a savage! I have never attended an event this intense or with so much great information. The most valuable part was all of it, both personal and professional! Great content, awesome passion, very funny, time flys by and it was fun!

Drew Weigal, VP of Operations, Denton, TX

This event was amazing and I rate it a 10 out of 10. The psychological aspects in work and life were incredibly valuable. I would also say that the comprehensive process, the science of persuasion and The Synergy 5 Part Closing Sequence are unmatched in the trades. Great work guys, I wish you all the success in the future!

Chris Grammer, Comfort Advisor, Dallas, TX

I’ve been to events for goals, thought processes, etc. but nothing like this. The most valuable aspect is that the skills apply to my professional life and my personal life, such as empathic listening and understanding how to rewire my brain. I can’t thank you both enough!

Clarissa Springer, Call Center Representative, Olympia, WA

This training has guided me toward palpable professional improvements, including my ability to communicate effectively, and regulate my stress and emotional responses. Gaining awareness of my personal and professional values has allowed me to increase meaning in my daily work. I have found intrinsic motivation, which has increased my productivity and engagement.

Amanda Garrison, Product Manager, Denver, CO

I’ve seen many trainings and motivational speakers and this is one of a kind. Your passion inspired all of us. Your training led me to be a better leader, a better father, and a better husband. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for myself and our team.

Danny Fuentes, Co-Owner, Sterling, VA


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