Welcome to our Virtual Leadership Onboarding Video….

We produced this Leadership Virtual Onboarding Video to help business owners and members of company leadership with numerous ideas and best practices outlining how to best launch and implement our virtual training programs here at Synergy Learning Systems.
Some of our clients have shared that as they began to launch our virtual programs, it was a bit daunting at the very start. Many questions began to arise: Do we pay our team for training? …And if so, how much?
How often do we conduct meetings? …And what time? …And how long? …And what should we cover?
The questions continued from there…Should we as the owners and leaders be expected to complete the training as well? …And if so, should we finish it before our team starts?
How do we review the reports with our team? …Should we use a carrot or stick mentality? …What are some rewards we could offer? …And what should the consequences be if they don’t watch? …Or practice? …Or implement? …Or stick with it?
How do we ensure our team is watching the training? …And once they are, how should we practice their new skills with them?
These are just a few of the most common questions that we’ve received.  Rather than addressing similar topics in individual calls and Zooms, we decided to jump into Quadrant II (You’ll learn more about what this is later in the program!) and create an educational, yet entertaining video, to provide nearly limitless insights on how this training is intended to be implemented within your organization and with your team.
As the late, great Zig Ziglar famously said: “DO IT NOW! So rather than wait until everything is perfect, let’s jump in headfirst, and immerse ourselves in this new learning path, and soon-to-be newfound success!
We are in this together with you and your team. Our team here at Synergy is here to help you and your company succeed in all facets of life. This training has the potential to positively impact and change everything for us and our life and business, but only if we allow it.
So let’s get started leaders! Let’s do it now! And let’s do it together!
It is an honor to have this opportunity to serve you!

– Doug Wyatt

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