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Preston Wiseman
Professional HVAC Design Consultant
Denver, Colorado

Words alone aren’t enough to express how incredible the Synergy three day live training event was. After being in the home services industry for 17 years now, and holding multiple positions along the way (apprentice, installer, service technician, service manager, and professional design consultant), I’ve been through hundreds of hours of sales and technician training and I can honestly say that absolutely nothing compares to Synergy Learning Systems Events!

After experiencing the entire three day event, I was truly moved and inspired, and provided the specific tools to level up and get my head right! No doubt what I’ve learned will make me a better person in my career and my personal life.

For a number of years now, I’ve been honored to be a top producing technician at one of the largest companies in North America, while consistently earning high six figures to multiple six figures per year. Because of this success in the trades previously, I was unsure if I would gain any new knowledge from this event or if it would even be worth my time out of the field. I was convinced by my leadership team to keep an open mind, and that is simply what I chose to do.

Upon returning from the event, my very first week back in the field, I had my BEST WEEK EVER in total sales! Perhaps more importantly and more profound, I connected with those I served on a level like I’ve never experienced before. It feel like the stars and the universe have aligned and are validating that I’m now on the correct path in my career! It feels so good to “serve like a saint,” taking care of others better than ever before!

This stuff is truly life changing! Best S**t Ever!!!!


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